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Enabling peer to peer recognition through our innovative and modern system

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Simple Setup

Create and setup you team on exp. in a matter of minutes, along with custom branding and your company’s values

Free, Forever

exp. is free forever. Use all of the recognition features and bring your whole team on board exp.

Empower Employees

exp. by REFFIND has been designed to empower teams and employees to build their culture of recognition.

Democratise Employee Recognition

Drive your employee recognition program across the entire company with exp. by REFFIND. Recognition has long been the key to boosting productivity, motivation and enthusiasm within employees. exp. by REFFIND puts recognition in the hands of your team and enables them to drive actions that are linked to values and goals.

Get started now with free access to basic features and simple setup.

Create a Team

Recognise Actions Every Day

Make exp. an extension of your business by adding your own custom domain, company branding and organisation’s values from day one. Its sleek system offers the chance for customisation, allowing companies to tailor exp. to their own needs. This makes it easy for employees to interact and align with company strategies.

Employees are also encouraged to personally drive actions through exp.’s rewards system, which links goals with values. This empowers employees to adopt a hands on approach to employee recognition and creates a network of mutual interaction among coworkers.

Create a Team

Why Choose exp. by REFFIND

Built on the idea the employee experiences trumps everything, exp. takes an employee centric approach to delivering recognition, content, updates and tools for recognising performance.

Build Your Team

exp. is built for all teams great and small. Gear your exp. team for a small work group or the whole organisation. exp. is designed to provide a platform for communications and recognition. 

Unlimited Interactions

Employees, administrators and everyone else can post unlimited woos, shoutouts, status updates, images and links to exp. plus they can like and comment and earn points for every bit of interaction. 

Built In Rewards

Utilise the built in rewards function to provide teams with incentive to recognise each other. Reward points are tied to actions taken on exp. and reward interaction levels are customisable.

Accessible Anywhere

Teams can access exp. on any device. With responsive design and an app available from iOS and Google Play, your team will be able to reach out, recognise and interact wherever they are.

*exp. by REFFIND is currently in beta and you are one of the lucky few to have the first crack at this new recognition and interaction tool. Pricing, features, functionality, simple stuff and stuff that is more complex is still being developed. As one of the first users in the world of exp. by REFFIND, we value you input and your feedback on the platform, so feel free to give it.

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